Megascratch Casino


In the past you needed to leave your home to play at the casino. Of course it was a lot of fun to have a night out. Yet, wouldn’t it be great to play online casino games from the comfort of your own house? The online casino site Megascratch Casino makes it possible. On this website you can enjoy online casino games like scratch cards and slot machines.

A way to relax

Playing online casino games can be a way to relax after a long working day. Megascratch Casino offers entertainment 24/7 and has no closing time. Since it’s establishment in 2010, Megascratch is the leading website in online scratch card playing. So this is the place to be if you really like to play scratch games. For example try your luck with games like ‘7th heaven’ and ‘Roulette Scratch’.

Entertainment with traditional casino games

Megascratch Casino also offers entertainment for people who fancy traditional online casino games, such as Blackjack or Roulette. On the bottom of the homepage there’s an overview of all the games and software providers on the site. For example you’ll probably have a lot of fun by playing the slot machine game ‘Big Bang’ from Netent.

Feel at home

Megascratch Casino wants you to feel at home. So besides offering a lot of games, the website also gives you 20 Free Spins after signing up. It’s not even necessary to deposit some cash. However, the 100 procent bonus on your first deposit gives you a good start.


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